All time greatest rock/metal bands and artists vote

 AKA the Rock Gods Survey

 The rock gods survey, for want of a better name,  was more a  rock quest than a survey, to compile THE definitive list of the all-time greatest rock/metal bands and artists, chosen  by the fans. The survey was totally fan based and completely independent.

  Sure this type of thing had been done before but in order to create THE list I believe it needed to have nominations from all age groups and not just local or national but worldwide.   Now thanks to the power of the internet this was made possible.


 There was a fantastic response with votes coming in from  America, Canada, Australia, UK, Switzerland,  Latvia, Germany, Holland, Finland in fact pretty much every country you could think of, making a total of 300112 votes cast.  Also a number of metal magazines  and radio stations have gave their support to the survey by plugging it and or linking to  the rockgods website .  (See the news  and links pages for further details).

It's not so much a top 50 or a top 100, every nomination is entered on the list.     

The voting categories were: Greatest ever Singer/front person (male or female) , Greatest  Lead Guitarist, Greatest Band , Greatest Drummer and Greatest Bass Player. 

 Categories to just 5 simply to limit the amount of data to be input to the database, no other reason.  Many votes did suggest a greatest songwriter or Keyboard player so perhaps there is still scope for somebody to attempt this. Nominations were not  restricted to a pre-selected list, however limited to up to 25 nominations from each voter.  A news page was added to the site in the early days to give up to the minute news on the lists and website.  Also in the earlier months only the top 50 was posted for easy reading however this did seem to cause some confusion among some of the voters.


Voters also had the option to comment on the list, website or anything else in general, many did so with all sorts of comments flying in along with the votes.  A free links section was also added due to popular demand and we can still take additions to the links page at any time.


So feel free to surf the site and look though the lists. There may be a few surprises on the lists and probably a few bands or artists you've not even heard of, so why not go and check out these bands or artists as they may well be the next all time greatest rock/metal band or artists.


Voting is now closed


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rock gods


The survey was started on 15/09/06 by Mark Brown in Aberdeen Scotland and ran for a full year.